Liver Kidney Care

SIUT - Sindh Institute or Urology and Transplantation

The Sindh Institute or Urology and Transplantation is one of the largest centres for renal diseases and transplantation in Pakistan. It is a 300 bed complex located near the Civil Hospital in Karachi. The SIUT Trust was established in November 2005 as a charitable trust for the benefit of the public and to provide health facilities, medical treatment, medical education, and financial assistance to patients suffering from end stage organ disease, related conditions and other renal ailments.


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The Kidney Centre, Karachi

The Kidney Centre is one of the largest up-to-date medical facilities providing comprehensive and quality renal care to thousands of poor patients either entirely free or largely subsidized. Established in 1985, the Kidney Centre is now a 100 bed, specialist institution providing complete care for nephro-urological diseases. It also serves as a teaching, research and continuing educational institution for nephrology, urology and related fields.

Kidney Centre Karachi

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