Special Needs

Pakistan Disabled Foundation

The Pakistan Disabled Foundation is an organization working towards providing support to people with disabilities of all types. The organizations aims at a wide range of goals such as improving legislation, improving equipment, providing training, and offering guidance for the welfare of people with disabilities.



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Sarim Burney Welfare Trust

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International is an organization that works to help the oppressed people of society. With its head office located in Karachi, the trust provides shelter for neglected or abused women and children and the elderly. It also provides legal aid to innocent or economically deprived prisoners. It further helps to locate missing children and helps to organize weddings for orphan or poor girls. The trust engages in many such human rights related charitable activities.



MA Ayesha Memorial Centre

MA Ayesha Memorial Centre, in Karachi, is a comprehensive rehabilitation centre for the care and control of neuro muscular disorders. Established in 1989 by the Ahmed Abdullah Foundation, it offers speech therapy, hydro therapy, physio therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as many other services relating to neuro muscular and spinal disorders.



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Umeed-e-Noor is an institution run by the Hashoo Foundation that was established to integrate children with special needs (mostly abandoned children) back into mainstream society with dignity. So far 1,200 children have benefited from the quality therapy and education offered by UEN. Umeed-e-Noor is based in Islamabad.


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