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Acid Survivors Foundation, Pakistan

The Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan provides medical, psychosocial and legal support to the victims of acid attacks in the country, to ensure their physical reconstruction and reintegration into mainstream society. It was founded in 2006 with the support of UK based Acid Survivors Trust International.


Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization based in Lahore, that focuses on a wide range of humanitarian services across Pakistan. Al-Khidmat Foundation has been active in flood relief and other disaster relief work. In addition, the organization runs schools and orphan homes, manages clean water projects, runs ambulances, sets up medical camps, provides help to those in jail, and offers goods and supplies to those in need.

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Al-Shift Eye Trust Hospitals

The Al-Shifa Trust is non-political, non-governmental, and not-for-profit organization involved in the delivery of high quality eye care services for the past 20 years. The Trust is running eye hospitals in Rawalpindi, Sukkur, Kohat & Muzaffarabad. They have treated half a million and operated on 500,000 patients. 70% of the patients are provided free treatment.

Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation is a national, non-profit, non-governmental organization working for women's empowerment. The organization was created in 1986 and deals with a wide spectrum of women's welfare issues in rural and urban areas all across Pakistan. It is also known as the Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation. The organization also manages a USAID funded Gender Equity Program.

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Bedari is an organization working for the protection and promotion of womens' and girls' human rights in Pakistan. Two areas that Bedari focuses on are violence against women and education for women.


Founded in 1967 Behbud is an large social welfare organization that is widespread in Pakistan. Founded in 1967, Behbud's programs focus on community development, as the organization aims to alleviate poverty, illiteracy, poor health conditions and economic deprivation. In addition, Behbud works to empower women and the community at large. It follows a three-pronged approach: providing healthcare, educational opportunities and vocational training for income generation to help under privileged communities. It has many of its own schools.


Bargad: Organization for Youth Development - has been growing since its start in 1997. With its head office in Gujranwala, the organization has risen from a student-led grassroots organization to an umbrella organization for youth groups in Pakistan. Its activities include study trips, youth mentoring, collaborating with universities and many other endeavors that not only involve students but also empower students all over the country.



Child Care Foundation of Pakistan

The Child Care Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 1996. Its primary aim is to fight against child labour in Pakistan. The organization's mission is to undertake community development programs at the grassroot level in education, health & vocational training for the purpose of poverty alleviation, women empowerment and especially for the elimination of child labour and rehabilitation of all victims of child labour in the country through job oriented education.


The Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1995, that works in the field of education by building and managing schools in less privileged areas of Pakistan.


Depilex Smile Again Foundation

The aim of this foundation is to help female survivors of acid and kerosene oil burns in Pakistan. Started in 2003, the organization tries to provide victims with the appropriate medical attention and reconstructive surgery, psychological/psychiatric support, shelter and vocational training. It also strives to create social awareness and sensitivity, and is working towards the complete eradication of this horrific crime.

Developments in Literacy (DIL)

Developments in Literacy (DIL) focuses on educating and empowering underprivileged students, especially girls, by operating student-centered model schools across Pakistan. DIL runs over 175 schools in Pakistan with an enrollment of nearly 15000 students. The schools are community owned and a village education committee provides support to teachers and ensures community involvement. DIL also focuses on teacher training and curriculum development in order to provide a quality education to its students.

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Disaster Preparedness and Response Team (DPART)

The Disaster Preparedness and Response Team started in November 2005 and is comprised of civilian volunteers who give some of their time to train, support community training and in major emergencies act as volunteer disaster workers. DPART SAR helps train people to be better prepared to respond to emergencies in their communities. When emergencies happen members can provide support to first responders, provide immediate assistance to victims, and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. DPART members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community. For more information about DPART please email:


Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI)

Eco-Conservation Initiatives is an organization that believes in human resource development at the grassroots level as an entry point in the new millennium. ECI believes in the paradigm where conservation of environment is a pre-requisite for sustainable development.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi foundation is the most trusted name in Pakistan when it comes to relief work within distressed areas in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Edhi foundation is a NON Profit organization that provides social services like medical care, emergency services, air ambulances, burial services, mental habitats, old homes, child welfare services, abused women safe houses and training facilities for the disadvantaged. Edhi's founder is Abdul Sattar Edhi who established the first clinic in 1951.

Environmental Protection Society (EPS)

EPS is an organization that strives for both economic prosperity and a clean and well managed environment in NWFP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). It aims to achieve these goals through concurrent and culturally viable approaches with a blend of professionalism and voluntary zeal.


EHSAS (Education, Health, and Social Achievement Services)

EHSAS is an NGO based in Chakwal and Islamabad. Its projects target a wide range of areas including poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, and social development. EHSAS has various ongoing efforts in place including EHSAS library, EHSAS blood bank, EHSAS Hepatitis Awareness and Vaccination Program, EHSAS Horticulture Development Program and EHSAS Good Governance Program.

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Fatimid Foundation

The Fatimid Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to help the millions of blood disease careers in Pakistan. It is a pioneer in providing safe blood transfusions to patients in Pakistan. The organization provides healthy fully screened blood and blood products each month to its thousands of patients (the majority of whom are children) suffering from dreadful blood disorders such as thalassaemia, hemophilia and other blood disorders.

Fatma Welfare Foundation

Fatma Welfare Foundation is a non-governmental welfare organization based in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Established in 2006, the organization focuses on a wide range of sustainable development efforts. It aims to provide assistance and cooperation to the needy and warfare affected people of the province. Its objectives include all areas such as flood relief, improving health and education, eradicating child abuse, poverty and drug addiction, and also campaigning against extremism.

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Fauji Foundation

The Fauji Foundation is a trust set up for the welfare of ex-servicemen and their dependents. Fauji Foundation was established as a charitable trust in 1954, and operates on a completely self sustaining basis. It channels approximately 80% of the profits from commercial ventures into social protection programs that serve a beneficiary population representing approximately 7% of the country’s population.Spending more than Rs. 23.8 billion since its inception on welfare, the Foundation provides services in the areas of healthcare, education, educational stipends, technical and vocational training. Over 2.1 million patients are treated per year through the FF Healthcare System. Approximately 41,112 students are enrolled in the FF Education System and over 6,000 individuals are trained annually through the FF Vocational & Technical Training Centers.

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Established in 2004, FIDA is a foundation that works primarily in Dera Ismail Khan and Tank in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and South Waziristan. It takes a long term approach to development and social change in this region. Projects are funded by local donors and other partners on a project to project basis. They include governance, relief & rehabilitation, and sustainable development.



GSAC Foundation (Gaibi Shabir Ahmed Chandio Foundation)

GSACF is an organization that has worked on flood relief efforts in 2010 and is also focusing its work on education and the environment. Its partners are the Islamabad Traffic Police, and FM 92.4 Radio. The organization holds fundraisers in Islamabad to further its charity work.



HANDS: Health and Nutrition Development Society

HANDS is an organization working primarily to provide basic health services, primary education, income generation opportunities and for the development of institutions to empower the underprivileged communities. HANDS has set up many flood relief camps in the Sindh province.

Hashoo Foundation

Hashoo Foundation is a non-profit economic and social development agency that focuses on economic development, education & skills development, special needs, social welfare and emergency relief.

Helping Hands Foundation

Helping Hands Foundation is a social welfare organization with its hub in Multan. Its main goals are three-fold and include continuous growth and diversification in the areas of Health, Education and Community Empowerment. HHF has a wide range of programs to offer clinical services, free medicines, breastfeeding education, health monitoring in schools, child protection, support for healthy lungs in children, community health, and interest free loans (microfinance).



HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education) is a large charitable organization and aims to provide health and education to the poor and needy in Pakistan. HOPE has hospitals, health centres, vocational centres and schools across Sindh and also in Baluchistan. HOPE Home Schools are located all over Karachi and rural Thatta. Nearly 9000 children are studying in 195 Hope Home Schools. Hope provides free books to the children as well as school supplies to the teacher including dari, black board, stationary etc. Educated community girls teach un-affording children who would otherwise play on the streets. The schools are primary, secondary and vocational schools.

Humanity Organization

Humanity Organization is a social welfare organization based completely in Dera Ghazi Khan and its surrounding area. With the help of government and non-government donor agencies, the organization aims to target health, education, technical education, natural resources management and women development. It is led by a board of governors. Humanity Organization has been very active in DG Khan in the aftermath of the 2010 floods.

humanity organization


Imran Khan Foundation

The Imran Khan Foundation’s principal goal is to improve the quality of life for the unreached and underserved communities by ensuring access to basic services. The organization is dedicated to engaging and mobilizing local communities in building sustainable means of livelihood, social infrastructure and improved access to safe drinking water, sanitation, health care and education.


Indus Resource Centre

Indus Resource Centre, a non-governmental organization working in Sindh, was created in the year 2000. Its mission is to empower and mainstream the marginalized rural communities through various approaches of Human and Institutional Development. Its thematic areas are: Democratic Governance, Education, Sustainable Livelihoods and Disaster Response. It implements a variety of programs and projects in Khairpur, Sukkur, Ghotki, Kambar-Shahdadkot, Dadu, Jamshoro and Karachi (coastal communities).


Institute of Rural Management

IRM is one of the largest specialized capacity development, learning and research facilities in the not-for-profit sector in Pakistan. It is committed to build the capacities of rural communities and empower them to harness their true human, social and economic potential for an improved quality of life. Over the last 20 years, IRM has built the capacity of over 1 million development professionals and communities across Pakistan.



Jaago Pakistan

Jaago Pakistan in a social development organization working in Kot Addu, District Muzaffar Garh, Pakistan. Established in 2003, the organization aims to create awareness against social evils such as drug abuse, child labour, violence against women and other social problems that confront the poor segment of society.


Kaarvan Foundation

Kaarvan is an organization that promotes social equity and the economic empowerment of women, from low income communities across Pakistan. Established in 2004, the non-profit organization has enabled over 6000 women artisans to enhance their skills and develop crafts, to earn a livelihood. It aims to strengthen the skills and business capacities of women both in rural and urban communities. Kaarvan's arts and crafts products made by women are available directly in Kaarvan stores in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Kaarvan also creates opportunities for artisans to sell their products through wholesale markets and to other buyers.

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The Kaghan Memorial Trust

The Kaghan Memorial Trust is a non-profit charitable trust registered in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was created following the October 2005 earthquake and it's sole objective was to establish the Kaghan Memorial School in the Kaghan Valley in Northern Pakistan. The KMT Board is comprised of nine Trustees. The Kaghan Memorial School provides free education of a high standard to students of the valley, both boys and girls. The school provides both junior and senior levels of education.

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Karachi Relief Trust

The Karachi Relief Trust is a Disaster Management Voluntary Organization that first came together to provide relief to the people of Baluchistan and Sindh who were hit by cyclone Yemyin in 2007. Since then, the organization has expanded and has been active during floods, cyclones and droughts. KRT is now handling more than 22,000 people in Sindh. Led by a board of trustees, and supported by many corporate and individual supporters and corporate partners, the Karachi Relief Trust has various ongoing projects to help victims of the 2010 floods. Projects include building shelters for the homeless, providing clean drinking water, providing food and household packages, sending out medical teams and managing camps. KRT invites volunteers to come and participate in its programs.

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Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation

The Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation is a non-profit organisation working on drug awareness amongst teens in Pakistan. The Foundation intends to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas with the goal to engage organisations and communities at all levels in drafting effective policies on drug awareness and substance abuse. The organisation also aims to disseminate knowledge on the adverse effects of drug use & break taboos that exist around drug use, enabling the youth to reach out for help.


Kashmir Education Foundation

The Kashmir Education Foundation is a charitable education trust, founded in 1994, with its headquarters in Rawalpindi. It aims to provide education to underprivileged children from the rural areas of Azad Kashmir. The Foundation’s pilot project was the creation of the Pearl Valley Public School & College (PVPS&C) in a remote village Khirick, near Rawalakot in AJ&K in 1996.

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Khubaib Foundation

Khubaib Foundation is a non-profit social welfare organization established in 1999. It's aim is the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of different factions of society: especially orphans, prisoners, widows and the destitute. Khubaib has set up educational institutes in Haripur, Muzzaffarabad, Skardu and Rawalpindi. The foundation is also supporting and providing resources to prisoners in Adiyala Jail, Rawalpindi. In addition, Khubaib has set up free medical camps, and also provide relief services during earthquakes and floods. Its central office is in Islamabad.

khubaib foundation

Khushaal Pakistan

Khushaal Pakistan is an organization that was formed on July 28th, 2010 when Pakistan was hit with devastating floods that affected millions. Created by a group of young graduates with excellent educational backgrounds and a desire and drive to help others, the organization took off immediately with the aim to reach those in need and to try and get donation funds directly to the people with minimal overhead costs. After the immediate flood effort died down, the organization turned its attention towards rehabilitating particular flood hit areas, in Risalpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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The Kidney Centre, Karachi

The Kidney Centre is one of the largest up-to-date medical facilities providing comprehensive and quality renal care to thousands of poor patients either entirely free or largely subsidized. Established in 1985, the Kidney Centre is now a 100 bed, specialist institution providing complete care for nephro-urological diseases. It also serves as a teaching, research and continuing educational institution for nephrology, urology and related fields.


Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust

In 1984, Graham Layton and Zaka Rahmatulla established the Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust with Rs. 1 million. The money was used to build and run a mobile-eye hospital in Tando Bago, 250 km east of Karachi. 24 years later, LRBT is now a nationwide network of 16 purpose-built hospitals, with state of the art equipment and 39 primary eye-care centres/outreach clinics in all 4 provinces of Pakistan.

Legal Aid Office

Legal Aid Office, Karachi, Pakistan is the only not-for-profit institution providing pro bono legal services to the Under Trial Prisoners in 17 out of a total of 22 prisons in Sindh. Since 2004 the Legal Aid Office (LAO) has been engaged in providing free legal representation to under trial prisoners (UTPs). At present the LAO has offices in 5 locations across the province of Sindh and is one of a kind in terms of providing institutionalized legal aid to prisoners in Sindh.  In 2011, the LAO represented 2421 UTPS out of which 832 were acquitted.



MA Ayesha Memorial Centre

MA Ayesha Memorial Centre, in Karachi, is a comprehensive rehabilitation centre for the care and control of neuro muscular disorders. Established in 1989 by the Ahmed Abdullah Foundation, it offers speech therapy, hydro therapy, physio therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as many other services relating to neuro muscular and spinal disorders.

MA Ayesha Memorial Centre Logo

MALC - Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre

MALC is a non-profit organization that is working on Leprosy elimination, TB and Blindness control and Community Development since 54 years. The organization also helps the needy affected by natural and man-made calamities. MALC has 157 centres across Pakistan's rural areas, and offers services to the patients and communities, free of charge.

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The Mehnaz Fatima Educational & Welfare Organization

The Mehnaz Fatima Educational & Welfare Organization is located in Gilgit, Pakistan and aims to provide quality education for young children and children with special needs. The organization also aims to develop human resources, optimal learning facilities and community awareness in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.


Muslim Aid Pakistan

Muslim Aid established its office in Pakistan in 2003 and has since successfully implemented many relief and development projects in the sectors of water and sanitation, education and vocational training, income generation, health & nutrition and disaster response (floods, earthquakes, droughts).


The Noor Project

The Noor Project is a non-profit charitable organization based in Lahore, founded in 2012 by Mr. Khalid Sheikh with the aim of helping poor families and make them self sustainable during their enrollment in our program. The Noor Project mission is to equip impoverished communities with tools to escape poverty and become self-sustainable. Currently the Noor Project is working on 8 different programs that vary from taking care of families' basic needs, providing free education and healthcare facilities, and providing adults with the skills to help them find well paying jobs in the competitive market.


NAWA - Noble Aims Welfare Association

Nawa is a social welfare organization that has engaged in various projects such as providing medical help in the rural areas, helping the IDPs from Swat, creating women's technical education centres, and providing relief during the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods. Their projects also include preserving the cultural heritage of Pakistan and alleviating poverty.


Oriental Women Organization

Oriental Women Organization is a non-profit organization established in 1999 that works towards the advancement of women in the social, political, educational, economic, and child welfare related realms. Primarily operational in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh, the organization has conducted many projects including the organization of workshops and training and also the provision of counseling and legal aid to victims of violence.


Pakistan Disabled Foundation

The Pakistan Disabled Foundation is an organization working towards providing support to people with disabilities of all types. The organizations aims at a wide range of goals such as improving legislation, improving equipment, providing training, and offering guidance for the welfare of people with disabilities.

PFFB - Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness

Founded in 1988, the PFFB is an non governmental organization that aims to improve medical research and also provide humanitarian services for the visually impaired in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of services such as Audio World, an audio based learning centre and Darakshan, a skills and training rehabilitation centre for women with disabilities.

Pakistan Green Task Force

Pakistan Green Task Force (PGTF) is a registered welfare organization, which is working for the preservation of the environment in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and their suburbs. The organization regularly conducts walks, tree plantations, camps, and seminars to spread awareness and to further its cause. It also distributes informational brochures to increase awareness.

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Pakistan Red Crescent Society

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society is a member the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies-IFRC. It is a large humanitarian organization that specializes in disaster relief, providing health care and promoting humanitarian values across the country.


Pakistan Society

Pakistan Society is a voluntary social welfare organization that was founded in 1982 and is based in Karachi, Pakistan. The organization is actively involved in the prevention of infectious diseases such as HIV, TB, malaria, hepatitis and behavioral disorders such as drug dependence. Pakistan Society has partnered with many local and international organizations to achieve its goals.


PCLAPA - Pakistan Cleft Lip and Palate Association

Pakistan Cleft Lip and Palate Association started operations in 1997 and is a support organization for the free treatment of poor cleft lip and palate patients.


These will be added soon.  


RAHMA Islamic Relief Pakistan

RAHMA Islamic Relief Pakistan is a Registered Charitable Trust, Non-Profit Organization (NPO), and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded in 2009. RAHMA's mission is to provide and render humanitarian services for the deserving poor people of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. RAHMA Islamic Relief is working in close coordination with RAHMA Islamic Relief Fund Norway, which is working worldwide and providing humanitarian assistance and relief to deserving people, since 2000. RAHMA Islamic Relief Pakistan deals with a wide range of relief work in Pakistan such as providing humanitarian aid, health resources, safe drinking water, and also social support.


READ Foundation (Rural Education and Development Foundation)

READ Foundation, established in 1994, is one of the largest not-for-profit educational networks in rural Pakistan. The organization is running 331 schools with a student body of over 69,000 students and a faculty of over 3500 teachers. The organization was also instrumental in providing education to affected students after the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods. READ deals with all education related areas such as capacity building, spreading education for girls, and teacher training. READ schools aim to provide quality with facilities such as science and computer labs.

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Rizing Era is a social welfare organization, founded in June 2011, with its hub in Lahore. It is an effort by the youth to do something for the betterment of society. The three goals of Rizing Era are better Education, Environment, and Health. The organization works by coordinating the activities of a network of volunteers. The organization aims to provide betterment to all sections of society, down to the village level.



Rozan is an non-government welfare organization working on emotional health, gender, and violence against women, children & the youth. The aim of the organization is to create a society that is self-aware, violence free and accepting of itself and others.



The Society for the Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training (SACHET) is a non-government welfare and development organization that seeks to make meaningful and lasting interventions in areas central to the progress of human development, which encompasses different dimensions of socio-economic progress.

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Sahara for Life Trust

Sahara For Life Trust is a not for profit, registered tax exempted charity, dedicated to providing quality healthcare, education and social services that are accessible and cost effective to the people residing in remote areas. The primary goal of Sahara For Life Trust is to serve the community. It is run on the concept of equality and social responsibility, implemented through a cross subsidization model. The income generated by the donations is used to cover the cost of treatment of the less privileged members of the community.

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International is an organization that works to help the oppressed people of society. With its head office located in Karachi, the trust provides shelter for neglected or abused women and children and the elderly. It also provides legal aid to innocent or economically deprived prisoners. It further helps to locate missing children and helps to organize weddings for orphan or poor girls. The trust engages in many such human rights related charitable activities.


Services for Community Development Foundation

The Services for Community Development Foundation is an NGO based in West Karachi that serves to alleviate the problems of women. The foundation deals with issues that include women's education, lack of sanitation and hygiene, a shortage of food and jobs, sectarian problems and a lack of investment. The organization's motto is "service, awareness, and development." It aims to better the lives of girls and women, with a focus on the Lasi Goth area in Karachi.


Shahina Aftab Foundation

Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) is an NGO whose primary objective is providing women who are set back in life by the impact of natural disasters/conflicts/social exclusion/ hardship & distress, with tools & skilled to restart their lives. This is done through skill based training, empowerment & sustainable income generating project. The aim is to empower women to be "agents of change" who provide for themselves, their children and play an active role in community development. SAF also advocates on social issues such as the environment, corporate social responsibility and calamity management.

SHARP - Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid

SHARP is an non-governmental organization working for the uplift of human rights in Pakistan. Initially, SHARP partnered with the UN to assist Afghan refugees and asylum-seekers living in Pakistan. SHARP more recently also worked with Pakistani IDPs who fled the fighting in the FATA areas of Pakistan.It has established legal aid centres to provide assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, established in 1994, is a centre of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of indigent cancer patients. This pioneering, state-of-the-art hospital located in the heart of the Punjab was founded by Imran Khan, one of Pakistan's most illustrious cricketers. As a charitable institute, it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country and across the world.

SIUT - Sindh Institute or Urology and Transplantation

The Sindh Institute or Urology and Transplantation is one of the largest centres for renal diseases and transplantation in Pakistan. It is a 300 bed complex located near the Civil Hospital in Karachi. The SIUT Trust was established in November 2005 as a charitable trust for the benefit of the public and to provide health facilities, medical treatment, medical education, and financial assistance to patients suffering from end stage organ disease, related conditions and other renal ailments.

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan

SOS Children's Villages is a private social welfare organization: providing orphans and abandoned children a home, good nurturing and a fair chance in life: a new and permanent home.

SUNGI Development Foundation

Sungi is a large non-governmental organization that works on development in many areas such as Disaster Management, Good Governance, Human Rights, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Social Development.


Teen Challenge Pakistan

Teen Challenge Pakistan is a non-profit organization which provides services to men and women who are suffering from life-controlling addiction.


Thali is a non profit organization and is registered as a Trust under the Government of Pakistan. It came into existence with the objective of feeding the less fortunate through meals the more fortunate take for granted. Food, being the most basic human need, is denied to many. Thali's main focus is addressing this necessity, but it also supports other social causes.

Thatta Kedona

Thatta Kedona is a project run by the NGO known as Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama, whereby rural women create traditional dolls that are sold as Pakistani handicrafts all around the world. These dolls are an income generating measure for the rural population of Thatta village as well as a means of preserving the heritage and traditional culture of the area. Thatta Kedona is part of a much larger concept in which all the people of the village are involved in different roles.

thatta kedona photo

Thespianz Foundation (Thesfo.)

Thesfo is a charitable organization based in Karachi that focuses on spreading free primary education to the underprivileged. It is engaged in several education related projects such as creating awareness through theatre performances, building educational institutes in the flood affected areas of Sindh and Punjab, organizing the "Flying Classroom Project" in IDP camps near Karachi, and initiating teacher training and student scholarship programs.

thesfo logo



Umeed-e-Noor is an institution run by the Hashoo Foundation that was established to integrate children with special needs (mostly abandoned children) back into mainstream society with dignity. So far 1,200 children have benefited from the quality therapy and education offered by UEN. Umeed-e-Noor is based in Islamabad.


VHO - Village Health Organization

VHO is a non profit organization based in the Sindh province that provides free health care facilities for poor people in villages.


VOICEH -Voluntary Organization for the Improvement of Community in Education & Health

VOICEH is a non governmental organization established in 2002, based in Chakwal. It started with the aim of creating a Coronary Care Unit for poor patients in the DHQ hospital in Chakwal, but since then has expanded to offering medical camps and medical (life-saving) training to the people in the district.


Waheed Relief Organization

WRO is an organization that focuses on serving humanity. With its headquarters in Islamabad, the organization works across Pakistan to support communities in developing socially, politically and economically in a sustainable manner. The organization engages in a wide range of humanitarian and environmental activities.



Wermany is an organization that is coordinating several charitable efforts that are taking place in Pakistan. Akseer is an organization working under Wermany that is a platform for the common man to support orphans, the hungry & needy, and the politically under-represented citizens of Pakistan. Kyma Care is another organization under the Wermany wing that currently has a free day-care dispensary in Gujranwala treating approximately 5000 patients a month. is also a part of Wermany and focuses on orphan care and education. is currently caring for approximately 39 orphans and 19 other students.



There are no NGOs starting with X in Pakistan.  


These will be added soon.  


Zara Sochiye

Zara Sochiye (Just Think) is a drive initiated in 2011 by MKRF/Jang Group/GEO Television Network that attempts to highlight issues that promote and/or represent the imbalance and injustice in our society and issues that have divided people for years. The MKRF Zara Sochiye Education Initiative aims to make voters and legislators realize that education is the number 1 problem Pakistan faces today, and is also the number 1 solution to our problems. It aims to create an enabling environment for reforms in education in Pakistan, and to make the issue politically relevant.



Zindagi Trust

Zindagi Trust is a non-profit 501(c)3 philanthropic organization that aims to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of Pakistan. It has established I am Paid to Learn schools with over 2800 children currently being educated across Pakistan. Additionally, Zindagi Trust is committed to promoting quality Government school reform and improving the curriculum and textbooks of the education system of Pakistan.


Zubeda Khaliq Memorial Trust

The Zubeda Khaliq Memorial Trust was established to provide health care to the people of Baltistan, a poor region of Pakistan. Since 1980 some half a million people have been provided free medical treatment by the Trust funded entirely by the Founding Trustee, Dr. Sikander Hayat Khan. In 2008 a 50 bed hospital facility was built in Sermik about 40 kilometers from Skardu.



This list is updated and added to regularly.

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